Standard Harness – based on 1 ¼” strap

At Bulldog Custom Leathers, our standard harnesses are a bit different than other offerings.  These harnesses have a mid chest connector that spaces the straps out to lay against the body much better than an old fashioned "X" harness.  We like this style better and believe that our customers do as well.  All of these harnesses are made with soft garment leather in your choice of color and hardware. The base model of harness is black with nickel.

Price: $120

Additional Options:

  • Different main color – add $10
  • Black Hardware – add $10
  • Top color – add $10
  • Duplicate connector in back – add $10
  • Down piece – add $15
  • Wide 1 ½” strapping – add $10




  • grrenstandard.JPG
  • orangestandard.JPG
  • redstandard.JPG